Polish banking webchat

Guests: Bozena Emmins (Lloyds TSB) and Elisabeth Maxwell (Mazars)
Date: 06 Nov 2007
Time: 13:00 UK time
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Around 10,000 Polish workers arrive in the UK each month, and one of their first ports of call is likely to be a bank.

Opening and managing an account is the initial, crucial step – and in some cases even this can prove difficult – but it is only the beginning.

How do you set up as a small business? What’s the best way to transfer money abroad? How can you insure your property in a shared household? If you’re new to the UK, or are reading this from overseas but planning to come, Why not put your questions to our two experts.

BOZENA EMMINS, from High Street bank Lloyds TSB, has first-hand experience in helping Polish migrants to Britain open bank accounts and find their way through the maze of finance deals. ELISABETH MAXWELL, from accountancy firm Mazars, is an expert in helping small to medium sized businesses establish presences in new countries.

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Bozena Emmins (Lloyds TSB) and Elisabeth Maxwell (Mazars)