Ask the vet about your pet!

Guests: Sophie de Pelet
Date: 11 May 2006
Time: 13:00 UK time
Further info:

Does your cat have a cough, does your dog have diabetes, or has your hamster got a hernia? Whatever your pet, whatever the problem, if you have a question for our vet, send it in now and join Sophie de Pelet, veterinary consultant to pet insurers MORE TH>N live from 1pm today for expert advice.

You will see Sophie live on our webcam and questions and answers will automatically appear in the space below.

Please note Sophie will attempt to answer as many questions as possible, but if you believe your pet needs urgent medical assistance now, you are advised to consult a vet immediately.

For more information on caring for your pet visit and keep an eye out for the site's exciting relaunch in just a couple of weeks.

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Sophie de Pelet