Investing in global equity income

Guests: Patrick Ryan, Lazard & Andy Parsons, The Share Centre
Date: 06 Apr 2011
Time: 13:00 UK time
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The Share Centre

In the past, investors considering equities as an alternative source of income have rarely looked any further than the UK shorelines. However, recently we have seen the slow but steady emergence of global equity income funds that seek to benefit from the expanding and increasing global dividend pay outs.

Drawing stocks from a global universe makes for a larger opportunity set, meaning there are more opportunities for a fund manager to add value and find yield. A global approach diversifies an investor's sector exposure and potentially provides access to the best companies in the sectors and assets that a home market bias can not deliver.

On Wednesday 6 April 2011 two investment experts, Andy Parsons advice team manager at The Share Centre and Patrick Ryan, Director of Asset Management at Lazard, will be on hand to answer investors' questions about the benefits of investing in a global market to gain income.

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Patrick Ryan, Lazard & Andy Parsons, The Share Centre