Special guests
We want to give you the chance to find out more about the personal finance issues that interest you – and will be running live online question-and-answer sessions with guest experts.

You choose the questions
Each guest is a specialist in their field so by joining us for their online chat you will have the chance to really find out more about a subject. The actual content of each chat session is entirely down to the audience however, with each guest answering questions that have been sent in by online users.

Get involved!
This means you! If you have a question you’d like an answer to, don’t be shy, just click on the link to the chat you are interested in - and send in a question!

Join the chat live
The best questions - whether general or specific – will be answered during the chat, although the sooner you send in a question the better! We’ll send you a reminder email so that you don’t miss the actual live event - but even if you can’t log on for that you will be able to find a transcript of the chat archived here afterward, providing a useful online resource.

By registering with us, we will be able to send you news of future chats we have lined up, meaning you not only know who is next up to talk to, but you can also send in any questions you want answered in advance.

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